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On April 7, the “Development Strategy” Center and the USAID Legal Reform Program launched a three-day workshop “Gender Approaches to Law Enforcement and Budgeting”.

It is attended by deputies of the Tashkent City and Tashkent Regional Councils of People's Deputies, staff of the USAID Legal Reform Program, the “Development Strategy” Center and the Department on the Protection of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice.

On the first day of the training, information was provided on the world’s experience, in particular, the one of the developed countries, in ensuring gender equality, as well as on international documents adopted in this area.

At the same time, they discussed the laws adopted in Uzbekistan in this regard, spoke about active efforts taken to ensure gender equality and the results achieved in this area.

In particular, it was noted that deputies should pay special attention to issues related to gender equality in decision-making, enforcement and monitoring of laws at the sessions of local councils, citing examples from the experience of developed countries.

At the event, USAID Legal Reform Program staff provided relevant recommendations to MPs on the topic.

The seminar-training will last until April 9.The deputies also shared their views on gender equality at the seminar-training.


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