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Paragraph 235 of the State Program for 2021 - the “Year of Youth Support and Health Promotion” provides for the introduction of a Presidential grant for 200 young people who have the highest scores in the entrance exams to higher education institutions from the 2021/2022 academic year.

The implementation of this item was ensured by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On additional measures for the full support of youth and further increase their social activity."

The decree provides for the following benefits and subsidies for young people:

— The full amount of the payment-contract for the first academic year in the 2021/2022 academic year will be reimbursed from the state budget to children of families included in the "Iron Book" studying in public higher education institutions;

— Unsecured loans of up to 33 million soums will be provided to children from families included in the "Iron Book" and "Women's Book" and young people included in the "Youth Book" to build additional housing in their homes when newlyweds.;

— In order to strengthen the social protection of young families, subsidies will be provided for the purchase of housing for an additional 2,000 young families under the mortgage program;

— From September 1, 2021, students studying in higher education institutions of the country on contractual basis will receive a student loan in the amount of the main interest rate of the Central Bank and repayment within 7 years from the seventh month;

— There will be introduced the order of payment of bonuses at the expense of the state in addition to the salaries of young professionals who have graduated from foreign higher education institutions (bachelor's, master's degree) or received an academic degree (PhD and other equivalent degrees) included in the top 500 list of prestigious international rating agencies, and are operating in government agencies, organizations and institutions;

In that, the list of foreign higher education institutions included in the top 500 list of prestigious international rating organizations is determined by the State Inspectorate for Quality Control in Education and posted on its official website.

— The Agency for Civil Service Development will form a list of educational areas, specialties and government agencies, organizations and institutions to which monthly bonuses are applied. According to the list, monthly bonuses will be paid from October 1, 2021 in addition to the salary of the young specialist on the basis of a contract with the Civil Service Development Agency, the employer and the young specialist for a period of up to 3 years;

— From October 1, 2021, competitions for young start-up ideas "First Step into Business" will be organized. Grants will be awarded to at least three winners in each district and city. For each of the best projects participating in the competition, grants will be provided in the amount up to 200 times the basic amount, and they will be implemented within the additional funds in the amount of 100 billion soums allocated in 2022-2023 from the State Budget.

In short, this Decree implements a set of measures aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills by young people, creating decent working and living conditions for them, purposeful organization of their leisure time.

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