Set up as a civil society entity, specializing on discussions, research and initiatives related to all main five policy priorities, which was announced as the complex political program for development of the country in January 2017, it serves as a think tank and its offices have become a venue of friendly dialogue among different interlocutors, both domestic and international. 

Set as civil society and non-governmental institution by its main founders such as Chamber of Advocates and some others, its mission in the very beginning was to explain the new vision for Uzbekistan to both domestic and international public, to engage in discussions, research and to raise cooperation among domestic groups and international community. Engaging in different areas, touching on different sensitive topics, gathering initiatives and comments, the team has built immense human capital that has been noticed in Uzbekistan and broad.   

Development Strategy Center thus plays a very important role with its ability to facilitate and moderate a public dialogue with the help of the media as main messengers. This raises legal awareness and understanding of the priorities among citizens It also helps the international community, those inside the country and all those abroad, to better understand and assess the processes of the ongoing reforms, the current needs and priorities of Uzbekistan to be able to better plan contributions and possible cooperation.  

Regional Dialogue well understands this important role and mission of Development Strategy Center - and many other nongovernmental organizations that started to engage all around the country in building the new face of Uzbekistan. We believe it is important to take a moment to celebrate the work accomplished and get inspired for the next steps.  We therefore congratulate and applaud Development Strategy Center on this anniversary and we extend assurances of our firm support and commitment to continue working with them and other civil society organizations, and also to the Uzbek media that complement the efforts of different institutions of the Government of Uzbekistan with their talents, hard work and initiatives in the efforts to create a new and better future for the good of the people of Uzbekistan, the region and beyond.  
Mjusa Sever 
Director of Regional Dialogue


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