Development Strategy center


Executive Director of the Development Strategy Center, member of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Eldor Tulyakov met with the executives of the municipal and district branches of the scientific, practical and research center ‘Oila’ under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The meeting focused on priorities, goals and the essence of the State Program on the implementation of the ‘National Action Strategy on Five Priority Development Areas 2017-2021’ in the framework of the ‘Year of Active Investments and Social Development’. The participants also discussed the progress in the implementation of the State Program, and the agenda of the regional branches of the Oila Center.

As Eldor Tulyakov emphasized in his speech, “The fact that the State Budget has allocated 16.9 trillion soums and 8.1 billion US dollars for the implementation of the tasks and measures envisaged in the 274 paragraphs of this year’s State Program, proves the scale of the ongoing reforms throughout the country.”

He pointed out to the fact that specialists of the Oila Center have been playing a special role in social development, specifically, in reducing unemployment among the population, increasing incomes of the population, developing science and life-long education, improving the quality of medical services and bringing them to the entire population, strengthening social support for women and improvement of the living conditions of people, in the balanced implementation of the measures taken in key areas of life, like ensuring adequate housing and well-being, as well as in promoting healthy lifestyles. Consequently, the development of these sectors is primarily related to the well-being of families.

In addition, the Director of the Development Strategy Center provided detailed information on the Center’s involvement in the implementation of the tasks outlined in the State Program for 2019.

Specifically, the Center regularly monitors the implementation of the State Program jointly with the relevant government agencies, civil society institutions and international organizations. The DSC experts are engaged in the study of advanced foreign practices, international standards, expert assessments, opinions of foreign specialists and, if needed, in the adoption of additional measures with a view to the adequate and timely implementation of the tasks scheduled in the State Program.

Timely informing the public and the international community in national and foreign media about the results and indicators achieved is also a priority. Writing information and analytical stories on the progress of the implementation of the State Program, their dissemination in foreign languages, as well as the development of proposals for the next year’s State Program is another important function of the Development Strategy Center.

The participants of the meeting answered the questions of the specialists of the Oila Center, heard all the views and discussed them in detail.


Information Service, Development Strategy Center