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Development Strategy Center Meets ADB Representative

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) ranks among the largest interstate financial institutions specializing in long-term lending for development projects in Asia and the Pacific.

ADB’s main goal is to foster economic and social progress in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has been an ADB member since August 1995. The ADB Country Office for Uzbekistan was opened in 1997.

Uzbekistan’s joint programs and projects with ADB focus on four key areas: agriculture, promotion of private entrepreneurship, regional cooperation in transport and customs transit, and improvement of social services with a focus on protecting children and basic education.

On May 11, 2019, executives of the Development Strategy Center met with Ms. Kathleen McLaughlin, International Development Consultant of the Asian Development Bank.

Sherzod Ata-Mirzaev, Head of Project Management Division, and Shukhrat Irgashev, Head of Department at the Development Strategy Center, introduced the guest in the Center’s activities, and told about the essence and significance of the implementation of the National Action Strategy on Five Priority Development Areas 2017 – 2021, and the State Program the ‘Year of Active Investments and Social Development’.

The parties dwelled upon effective mechanisms of informing citizens of the republic about ongoing reforms through various events (forums, conferences, public discussions, etc.), and talked on how to receive feedback from the public using modern information and communication technology tools.

International Development Consultant and Public Relations Specialist Ms. Kathleen McLaughlin, in turn, told about the goals and objectives of the new ADB project, aimed at reorganizing the state-owned enterprises of Uzbekistan. Ms. McLaughlin shared information about the ongoing activities on restructuring Uzbekneftegaz JSC.

The parties discussed the opportunities of cooperation in raising public awareness of this process, as well as the involvement of civil society institutions in the public discussion and the development of effective mechanisms of successful implementation of the pilot project on ‘Reorganization of State-Owned Enterprises’.

Ms. McLaughlin expressed the intention of close cooperation between the ADB Office in Uzbekistan and the Development Strategy Center in organizing public discussions and holding all sorts of workshops to exchange views on relevant issues within the framework of the State Program in the ‘Year of Active Investments and Social Development’, and within the implementation of the National Action Strategy on Five Priority Development Areas 2017–2021.

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