Development Strategy center


The Development Strategy Center received a Chinese delegation led by Wang Jinsheng, Counsellor
of the Counsellors’ Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. 
Counsellor of the Counsellors’ Office,
Vice Chairman of the China Writers Association Zhang Kangkang also took part in the meeting.

The negotiations highlighted the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan in the framework of the Action Strategy, the current state of the Uzbek-Chinese relations and prospects for further cooperation.

As Wang Jinsheng noted at the meeting, the delegation was informed about the activities of the Development Strategy Center yet in China and at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Uzbekistan, and looked forward to this meeting with great enthusiasm.

Regarding the reform processes in Uzbekistan, he noted that the Counsellors’ Office in its activities has some similar features with the Development Strategy Center. In particular, the Counsellors’ Office also conducts monitoring because public opinion is important to them, considers the proposals of the population on reforms and further submits information to the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, as Wang Jinsheng emphasized, the purpose of the delegation’s visit is to identify cultural peculiarities between China and Uzbekistan.

The Chinese side expressed interest in the areas of bilateral cooperation between China and Uzbekistan at the present stage, which might be of mutual interest, in enhancing the interaction between the two countries, in the use of traditional medicine in Uzbekistan, as well as in the collaboration in the field of sports.

They also mentioned the scheduled visit of the Chinese Prime Minister to Uzbekistan in the end of the year. In this regard, the Chinese side inquired about the areas of bilateral cooperation that might be of interest to the two states.

In the conclusion, the Chinese side noted that cooperation between the PRC and the Republic of Uzbekistan has been developing at all levels and in various areas. Specifically, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the PRC and the Embassy of China in Uzbekistan have been making a significant contribution to the development of bilateral cooperation.

In this regard, they expressed confidence in the further deepening of the strategic partnership between China and Uzbekistan for the benefit of the two nations.

Information Service, Development Strategy Center