Development Strategy center


On June 27-28, 2019, the delegation of the Development Strategy Center, headed by Executive Director Eldor Tulyakov, visited Rome, the capital of Italy. The delegates met with the Secretary General of the Institute for Political, Social and Economic Studies (EURISPES) Dr. Marco Riccieri.

Eldor Tulyakov introduced the colleagues to the key functions of the Development Strategy Center in the framework of the implementation of the National Action Strategy on Five Priority Development Areas 2017-2021, as well as to the specifics of monitoring the previously adopted state programs in pursuance of the Action Strategy. He also mentioned the Tashkent International Conference on ‘Central Asia Is Our Common Home’, which will be held this November in accordance with the State Program 2019, and invited the Italian experts to the big event.

In turn, Marco Riccieri told about the history of establishment and activities of EURISPES. EURISPES has been operating for 37 years. It is a private non-profit organization with over 700 expert database. The European Commission finances 80% of research, and 20% is funded through private investment.

EURISPES published more than 900,000 pages of research, organized more than a hundred of political and institutional expert discussions. The institute has created a press archive of the last 30 years, comprising more than 2 million articles from more than 400 periodicals and daily press editions.

Eldor Tulyakov proposed Dr. Marko Riccieri and experts for Central Asia to publish articles on the results of research on bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Italy, and highlight the prospects for their progressive development. He pointed out to the importance of development of ties between the two countries. Representatives of the Development Strategy Center suggested an idea of inviting Italian experts to Uzbekistan to assist in the implementation of promising projects and provide advisory services in various sectors of socio-economic development in Uzbekistan.

According to Eldor Tulyakov, “Italy might make an important contribution to the development of Uzbekistan through the exchange of experience in modernizing the production system in small and medium-sized enterprises. Italy has amassed serious experience in the development of the economy, utilizing the full potential of the handicraft production of consumer goods for the tourism industry. He believes that the successful experience of Italy in many areas and the catalyzed cooperation between our two countries might yield excellent fruits, and the EURISPES Institute can become the best channel of communication and interaction.”

During the meeting, the parties also discussed prospects for cooperation and implementation of joint projects in such areas as reforming legislation, fighting corruption, developing the social area, tourism, and drawing foreign direct investment.

To catalyze the cooperation, ensure the in-depth discussion of relevant initiatives, projects and working practices, the Development Strategy Center and the Institute for Political, Social and Economic Studies signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Information Service, Development Strategy Center